• Blackheath Park
    Tongue and groove timber ceiling with recessed lighting, bespoke mahogony and mirror cabinets, hand finished Shou Sugi Ban charred timber walls.
  • Learniversity
    A new era in education is dawning. The university system is changing as the growth in online learning is set to radically overhaul the way we study.
  • The Great Indoors Installation
    Do we want or need to participate directly in society? Or would we prefer to interact solely through the comforting safe distance and mediating control of the internet?
  • Ground Floor Gallery
    Irregular objects fitting together like a jigsaw beneath a chalkboard canvas line which runs the length of the space and is used to announce special offers, or showcase new designers work.
  • Scout Hall
    Medite Tricoya, CNC cut to incorporate large scale patterns and geometries derived from the Fleur de Lys and triangles found in Scouting uniform. Details such as the Scouting logo, text and new gate.
  • RCA Communications Exhibition
    Exhibition design for final year student work required a coherent aesthetic theme to tie together vastly divergent works without overly dominating.
  • Knife Kitchen Islington
    A functional kitchen with a sense of warmth, familiarity and history.
  • Kraken Wakes Pub
    A public house in the coastal town of Portsmouth. The refurbished bar also hosts music and art's events.
  • The Great Indoors
    Breeze block and LED talking wall installation
  • Heracles Highway
    Domus Magazine's Project Heracles call for postcards of imaginary infrastructure to connect Africa and Europe.
  • Puma Pop Out Shop
    jigsaw of bespoke formed polystyrene, plywood shipping crates and mesh cage elements designed to be unpacked at a variety of public locations.
  • General Store - Highstreet
    Retail frontage improvements as part of a high street regeneration project for Wood Street Walthamstow.
  • High Profile Tower
    High Profile Tower, 2007 : Accompanied the essay 'Metonymics: These Foolish Things' by Brian Hatton.
  • Puma Pop Out Shop
    jigsaw of bespoke formed polystyrene, plywood shipping crates and mesh cage elements designed to be unpacked at a variety of public locations.
  • 72 Rivington Streetr
    Moveable elements on the ground floor of this new gallery space
  • Brick Hat
    Brick Hat was produced for the exhibition Hat-itecture as part of the London Festival of Architecture a response to the question of what a London hat would look like?
  • Office Interior
    A grey plywood ribbon forms desk surfaces at a variety of levels and folds up to create vertical displays within door archways.
  • Grade 2* listed refurbishment
    Refurbishment including bathroom, sauna and office area
  • BunkBedBus Stop
    Weary from a late night out, when the bus just doesn’t seem to ever come, climb up and catch 40 winks in a BunkBedBusStop. Swipe your Oyster card to access the top Stargazer bunk and spend a romantic night under the stars.
  • From Factories to Flowers
    For this interactive installation, Tomas Klassnik & Riitta Ikonen created a Biological Drawing Device to explore the UK landscape as an organic canvas.
  • Design Museum Activities
    Activity Packs aim to stimulate observation, interpretation and imagination, aiding some further understanding of Zaha’s work whilst engaging the creativity of our future young designers